#NotGuilty Trends on Twitter as Jury Goes Into Deliberations at Rittenhouse Trial

A flurry of tweets ahead of jury deliberations in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial has made #NotGuilty trend on Twitter today.

The trend has also sent liberals into a fury, adding to the trend. The jury has now entered into deliberations and a verdict could come at any minute, or it could take longer.

Twitter verified user Matthew Kolken:

“Because charging him was politically motivated and Kyle Rittenhouse was 100% innocent. That’s why. It was prosecutorial misconduct to bring the charge in the first place. The prosecutor committed an egregious ethics violation. #NotGuilty

Trump supporter Vince Langman:

“Today is a Good Tuesday for a #NotGuilty verdict”

“Knowledge And Faith”:

“Rosenbaum died how he lived: trying to get his hands on an unwilling child. #KyleRittenhouse #NotGuilty #Kenosha

On the other side of things, “She/Her” Erie Siobhan:

“Kyle Rittenhouse will be found #NotGuilty because he’s white. And has a white supremacist MAGA judge.”