Ohio GOP State Sen Michael Rulli Insists That ‘If Jeff Bezos Can Own the Washington Post, Elon Musk Can Own Twitter’

Following the news that Elon Musk is attempting to buy Twitter, many on the left have been freaking out, to say the least.

This has led to many on the right coming to Musk’s defense, although it is unclear how supportive he will be of conservatives.

The hope is that, regardless, Musk will be supportive of free speech and allow those who have been suppressed to have a voice again on the platform.

Ohio GOP State Sen Michael Rulli made a tweet last night where he pointed out that the next closest person to Musk’s level of wealth, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, currently owns the Washington Post.

“If Jeff Bezos can own the Washington Post, Elon Musk can own Twitter,” Rulli insisted.

As it stands, major revelations were made yesterday about those who have major stakes in Twitter currently.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud got involved by tweeting that he will vote to reject Musk’s bid for the company.

The prince described himself as one of the largest and long-term shareholders of the company.

Journalist Avi Yemini suggested, “The fact leftists are outraged at the idea of Elon Musk owning Twitter but support a Saudi Prince remaining one of the largest stakeholders, says everything we need to know.”

We also reported that a private equity firm might now also be in discussions to purchase Twitter and there are rumors now that there may be others as well to bail the company out of its predicament.

Whether or not any of these things happen, it is certain that this could be a pivotal moment for free speech in regard to social media.