One Year After Easter Bunny Video, Joe Biden Tells Youths That He Takes More Orders as President Than He ‘Ever Did,’ Rather Than Give More

In a shocking clip today from when Joe Biden hosted children at the White House for Take Your Child to Work Day, he admitted that he takes more orders as president than he “ever did,” rather than give more.

Last April, a clip of Biden appearing to be directed by a person in an Easter Bunny costume as he greeted supporters went viral.

Former president and 2024 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said at the time of Biden, “He’s walking around somewhat bewildered — I’d say it’s no good — and taking orders from the Easter Bunny.”

Biden can be seen telling the youths gathered today, “By the way, the one thing I thought when I got to be President, I’d get to give orders, but I take more orders than I ever did.”

One Twitter user said in response to the clip, “Yep. In a nutshell. And do believe Biden. He’s not in control of anything.”

Another Twitter user speculated, “Yea because he’s taking order from Obama it’s his third term.”

Trump-supporting Twitter user Pat Brody suggested that the statement was a sign of the “WEF RIGGING 2024!”

Brody shared a report that Democrat presidential candidate “RFK Jr. claims that the ‘New World Order’ is already rigging the 2024 election.”


  1. One of the few honest things he’s ever said. Taking order from China, WEF, Obama, the Woke Left, etc. He can’t do anything on his own, total Stooge just in the driver’s seat of the Biden Regime Clown Car.

  2. Hey Dementia Joe, here’s an order: Get stuffed.

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