Only Confederates? Radical Leftists Furious that Illinois School Might be Named After Barack Obama Because he Didn’t do Even More for Illegal Immigrants

We here at Media Right News support the preservation of all historical monuments. We also support preserving, what’s left anyway, American history, for better or for worse. Sometimes it feels that ship has sailed. That won’t change the way many feel and will always feel, nonetheless.

Many Republicans caved over Confederate monuments being removed, including U.S. House Rep Dan Crenshaw, and even Governor Ron DeSantis. Although removing Confederate monuments is bad enough in our view, many thought it would stop at that.

Of course, it has not stopped at that. Democrats are pretty much attacking all American history, including Abraham Lincoln, as we previously reported about a BSU professor. The professor was recently arrested for allegedly putting blood and poop on a Lincoln statue.

Only now have Republicans even began to realize the Pandora’s box they allowed to be opened by ceding ground to the left. The left, not to be outdone, is now defying all expectations, and now Obama is no longer good enough.

The idea of naming a public school after former President Barack Obama is outraging some. They think Obama should have done even more to aid and abed illegal immigrants during his tenor. This is happening in Waukegan, IL. A news tweet from WBBM reported:

“As the Waukegan Community Unit School District No. 60 board considers a new name for Thomas Jefferson Middle School, some residents of the Latino-majority city do not want to see it named for former President Barack Obama.”

ABC 7 reported on a quote from one of the local activists who came here illegally via his parents:

“I will not be part of renaming a school after someone who did not and does not represent the undocumented community,” said District 60 school board member Edgar Castellanos. Castellanos said he came to the United States undocumented as a child.

They also reported in part:

Waukegan’s Board of Education met Tuesday night as it considers changing the names of two of its schools, Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Daniel Webster Middle School.

Jefferson, who was the nation’s third president, owned slaves. Webster was a former senator who supported slavery. Renaming committees were formed for each school, and included people in the community, students and staff.

The school board heard concerns from the public Tuesday night over one of the finalists in the running to be the new name for Thomas Jefferson Middle School.

The country’s first Black President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama, is one of the top three choices for the school’s new name, but is drawing opposition in the area with a large Latinx population.

Will any Democrats finally wake up and see how far the crazy has gone? Or will they simply toss Barack Obama aside too, like yesterday’s goods, and move on to the next more radical liberal figurehead that comes along?

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is overseeing a massive crisis at the southern border. Many detention facilities are overrun with illegal immigration. Nevertheless, the Biden administration isn’t fixing the issue, but rather banning the word alien instead.

Reports have also surfaced that illegal immigrants are being shuffled about all around the country, which could lead to more Democrat votes in every state. Most are not being sent back. Jorge Ventura Media tweeted this:

“On my flight to Houston from McAllen, TX, mostly migrants on my flight spotted with these folders that have city destinations written on them with flight times, also written on the other side “I do no speak English what plane do I need to take?”

Daily Caller reported:

Obama is the latest Democrat politician to come under fire from school board activists. The San Francisco Board of Education considered renaming Dianne Feinstein Elementary School, along with 43 other schools, although it paused the renaming campaign to focus on reopening schools.

Who will be canceled next? AOC? Nancy Pelosi? Bernie Sanders? Anyone with the audacity not to physically riot and loot with Black Lives Matter and Antifa? (Sarcasm) Time will tell.

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