Pelosi Forges Ahead Speaking at ‘Women’s Equality Day’ Event While Americans Die in Afghanistan Terrorist Attack

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) refused to let the terrorist attack in Afghanistan that killed at least 12 American servicemembers stop her from forging ahead and speaking at a “Women’s equality day” event.

During her speech, Pelosi failed to mention those who were killed abroad, instead joking about how there must be “something in the water” to have so many women leaders in San Francisco.

“Join me live in San Francisco with Mayor London Breed, elected officials and community leaders to commemorate Women’s Equality Day.”

Many replied to the tweet with shock that the event would continue and expressed their outrage.

“I’m a Father to two sons in Marine and this is not the best time to tweet about this.”

“This ain’t the time Madam Speaker”

“I’m a woman and I want to know one thing: HOW ARE WE GOING TO SAVE AMERICAN LIVES IN AFGHANISTAN? I feel like you’re so CLUELESS as to what Americans care about today!”

TPUSA’s Benny Johnson noted earlier in a tweet, “Nancy Pelosi has tweeted 7 times today. Not ONE tweet about 4 Americans (being) killed in Afghanistan by the incompetence and cruelty of her political party.”

It is clear that Pelosi is so focused on achieving the far left’s wish list that she won’t let this Afghanistan situation stand in her way, even when American lives are being lost.