Pennsylvania Responds Furiously to SCOTUS, ‘No Court Has Ever Issued an Order Nullifying a Governor’s Certification’

Former Fox News writer Kyle Becker has posted a breaking update about the Supreme Court lawsuit regarding the Trump campaign and the state of Pennsylvania. The Supreme Court had originally given Pennsylvania a due date of the 9th to respond, but then they moved it up to the 8th, which is today.

In the response, Pennsylvania appears to lash out at the court, for even considering the case, in our view. Becker reported with screenshots and underlines of certain crucial parts of the wording and captioned it with:


“Their suit is nothing less than an affront to constitutional democracy.” The State of Pennsylvania responds to SCOTUS petition. It invokes *truly extraordinary circumstances* & people *risking health & safety* as justifications for unlawful orders.”

It appears part of Pennsylvania’s argument against challenging their election results is based on the fact that “millions of people cast their ballots under truly extraordinary circumstances, sometimes risking their very health and safety to do so”. They also cited wanting to “avoid disenfranchisement” but it appears it’s the Biden voters, not all the voters they are concerned about in our view.

Many in the replies on the tweet say that although Pennsylvania is not wrong in their statements, they seem to be missing out on the idea that extraordinary circumstances do not alter the way the constitution works in their view.

Time will tell what the Supreme Court ultimately decides here, but based on the time frame they are working with, it’s likely there will be a response very soon. We will bring more updates as possible. President Trump arguably has an advantage with 6-3 conservatives on the Supreme Court, but only 5 of the 6 seem to be fans of him as of late.

John Roberts has sided with the left on many recent judgments. Even still, there’s no guaranteed direction the SCOTUS will take, as something this major will involve tremendous pressure any decision to nullify election results, even with major evidence if it is able to be shown.