President Trump Addresses the Nation, Condemns Violence from Both Sides, Says Censorship Doesn’t Help

President Donald Trump released a new video that can be seen on the official White House Twitter account, which, as of now is still fully functioning, despite the Twitter ban against Trump’s personal account. In this new video he goes on to condemn violence in the strongest terms possible.

He continues to say that there is no place in a movement that supports himself to commit acts of “political violence”. After he makes that clear, he goes on to condemn any violence or rioting by mobs no matter what political side they may be on.

President Trump and others such as Jim Jordan have been angry at Twitter for banning many people including President Trump. It has been reported that after the events at the U.S. Capitol, Twitter has banned tens of thousand of accounts for various reasons.

Meanwhile, a Twitter competitor called Parler was shut down by the Google and Apple App stores partially, and then completely by Amazon Web Services. Parler representatives claim the outage is temporary. Many on the left have said they were harboring speech that could incite violence.

Right-wingers have pushed back saying Twitter doesn’t do enough to censor bad actors on the left, as well as pornography and other things.

Watch Trump speech:

It is clear that due to pressure from banks, companies, politicians, and others, President Trump has had no choice but to take a softer tone going forward. Nobody knows for sure what the future may hold for him and if he will be able to run again. Joe Biden is scheduled to take office on the 20th of this month.

The political temperature is high, and many conservatives are now concerned about radical left wing bills that Joe Biden and Democrats in the House and Senate might try to push through, including potential new gun control.

Stay tuned for updates are we are able to bring them.