Media Changes Tune As Gov Cuomo Praises Trump For Delivering Potential Coronavirus Treatment

Much has been said in the media regarding a potential treatment for the Coronavirus with many accusing President Trump of offering false hope. Today, Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tweeted about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo praising the Trump Administration for delivering that treatment to his state.

The President ordered the FDA to move & the FDA moved! There is a good basis to believe these [drugs] could work. Governor Cuomo praises Trump for delivering hydroxychloroquine — a promising drug that could treat the coronavirus!

CNN & the Fake News media double standard. When President Trump expresses optimism about hydroxychloroquine treating the coronavirus it’s “false hope.” When the Democrat Governor of New York does it, it’s actual “hope” & “leadership” Can’t have it both ways!

BREAKING: Gov. Cuomo says New York will start implementing the trial drugs to treat Coronavirus and that they have acquired 70,000 Hydroxychloroquine, 10,000 Zithromax, and 750,000 Chloroquine from the Federal Government.

Yesterday, McEnany also talked about how Cuomo touted the “potential of HydroxyChloroquine in treating the Chinese Virus — the same drug President Trump has hailed and fast-tracked! This could save lives!”

New York City has become ground zero for the Coronavirus in the USA and the state has roughly 5% of the cases in the world. It’ll be interesting to see how the media reacts to the latest news and if they go after the Governor as harshly as they did the President.

Trump: “Chloroquine might treat this virus.”

Media: “Trump is giving people false hope and peddling a drug that could kill you!” (If you took 20x the usual dose)

Cuomo: “Let’s try chloroquine!”

Media: “He’s amazing! What hope in these dark times! Cuomo 2024!

Wait, where was the rush of questions about Gov. Cuomo giving “false hope.” Did I miss it?

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