Pro-Trump Conservative Activist Candace Owens Announces that She is ‘Considering Running for Office’

In a tweet this morning, Trump supporter and conservative activist Candace Owens announced that “after having a conversation with her husband,” she is “considering running for office.” She said she “never had any desire to previously but something changed in me last night.”

I’m now honestly considering running for office. Never had any desire to previously, but something changed in me last night. Had a conversation with my husband and I think it’s a plan.

She has appeared at a lot of events over the past few years, often being protested wherever she goes. Last year, she went to Louisiana-Lafayette after Republicans invited her to speak on campus and was met with protestors and supporters.

“We just want you guys to actually hear what I say,” Owens said. “If you guys would like to come in and sit down, we can talk to you. We would like to close the polarizing gap in politics and actually try to have a conversation.”

In October 2018, she was confronted by nearly 200 protesters gathered when she came to speak at an event. The event was hosted by Turning Point USA and featured Owens.

In September 2018, she spoke at Liberty University’s Convocation, which is North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students. She talked about her upbringing and how she has been demonized by those on the left.

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