Progressive Okla. State Rep Backtracks After Filing Bill to Own Pro-Lifers That Ends Up Garnering Their Support

A progressive Oklahoma state rep., Forrest Bennett, has backtracked after filing a bill to own pro-lifers that ended up garnering their support.

Bennett tweeted yesterday, “This week I filed HB3129, which codifies that a father’s financial responsibility to his baby & their mom begins at conception.”

“If Oklahoma is going to restrict a woman’s right to choose, we sure better make sure the man involved can’t just walk away from his responsibility,” Bennett explained.

Pro-lifers, however, were thrilled with the bill for multiple reasons as Bennett was essentially admitting that life begins at conception, and men taking responsibility for their children has long been a pro-life platform.

Many shared a meme that showed a “based” man whispering in the ear of an NPC lib “Your terms are acceptable.”

Bennett ultimately ended up quote tweeting his original tweet today and said, “Well this has been fun. I appreciate those who understood the message behind this & those who provided sincere constructive feedback & pointed out serious issues with practical application.”

“Also, great way to be reminded that 280 characters isn’t enough for some discussions,” Bennett claimed.

After a dozen or so reply tweets, Bennett concluded with an apology to progressives who were unhappy with how the bill made them look bad.

“I understand how the language in my message and bill both hurt the cause instead of helping it, and I apologize for not being more thoughtful. Thanks again to everyone who genuinely engaged with me in an effort to make better policy,” Bennett concluded.

The Washington Free Beacon’s Jordan Chamberlin shared a screenshot of Bennett’s final tweet reply and his original tweet announcing the bill in a tweet of her own.

Chamberlin mocked, “He found out pro-lifers liked the bill and had to do damage control.”