Psaki Dismisses Viral Video of Bidens Walking Maskless Through D.C. Restaurant: ‘We Shouldn’t Lose the Forest Through the Trees’

Today, White House press secretary Jen Psaki dismissed a viral video of the Bidens walking maskless through a Washington D.C. restaurant over the weekend and insisted, “We shouldn’t lose the forest through the trees.”

Psaki appeared to be trying to be using the phrase “Miss the forest through the trees” which means to not understand or appreciate the larger situation.

Many would argue, however, that the larger situation is that Democrat public officials don’t appear to want to play by the same rules that they impose on their constituents.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy had asked Psaki why they would do that at the White House press briefing, pointing out that “there is a mask requirement inside D.C. restaurants.”

Psaki responded, “I think what we are referring to is a photo of them walking out of a restaurant after they had eaten, masks in hand, where they had not put them on yet.”

Doocy later pointed out that it was not just exiting a restaurant and that the president specifically was walking through the restaurant, although both can clearly be seen walking through the restaurant.

A patron is not allowed to walk through a restaurant without a mask in the nation’s capitol and that sort of rule would typically be enforced with great vigor for the average person.

TPUSA’s Benny Johnson tweeted a clip of the back and forth and said, “Jen Psaki just DEFENDED Biden breaking the same mask mandates he himself pushes while parading through a swanky Georgetown restaurant this weekend.”

Johnson also tweeted the video which showed them without the masks and noted, “Rules thee, not for me…”

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