Psaki on Possible Federal Mandates from New ‘Six Prong’ Anti Covid Measures from Biden, ‘Depends on if You’re Vaccinated or Not’

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki spoke today to update the press on the ongoing situation with President Biden. Psaki was asked about an upcoming announcement tomorrow. The announcement has to do with Biden’s new “six prong” plant to mitigate Covid-19 that he has failed to fully curb as he claimed he would when running for president. Psaki explained that anything new coming out likely won’t affect those who are vaccinated.

But this certainly could open up a whole new can of worms for those who are not vaccinated.

Reporter: “Jen, I wanted to follow up on the president’s speech tomorrow featuring schools and private sectors as two areas of focus. We’ve also been very firm in maintaining independence between the federal government and what schools and the private sector does. So tomorrow, should we just anticipate the president to say much of what he’s already said, to urge those entities to take action, or will there be something new, that’s actionable?” At this point, in our speculation, it almost feels like such an expectable softball question for Psaki. Psaki: “There will be new stuff that the president announces tomorrow, absolutely.”

Reporter: “And will any of those new steps influence the average American’s day-to-day life, should we expect any new mitigation recommendations, as an example?”

Psaki: “It depends on if you’re vaccinated or not. There are six steps the president is announcing. There will be new components, as I noted and you noted, some of that will be related to access to testing, some will be related to mandates, some will be related to how we ensure kids are protected in schools, and we’ll have more, we’ll preview more tomorrow as all the pieces are finalized, but there will be new components that, sure, will impact people all across the country, but we’re also all working together to get the virus under control to return to our normal lives, and I know many people I’m sure are looking forward to what the president has to say.”

So basically, it’s confirmed. There are new federal mandates coming related to Covid-19 that will be targeting the unvaccinated. We simply don’t know what they are yet. Stay tuned for updates on this fluid situation.