Radical Leftist Protesters Shut Down Montana State House Over Censure of Transgender Democrat Rep

Twitter pundit Greg Price and others are documenting what some are calling another left wing insurrection, this time in Montana.

This comes after a transgender mass shooter tormented a Tennessee Christian school a few weeks ago, and Democrats made it about gun laws and made transgender people the victims in their view, instead of 6 people who were tragically killed.

Price broke it down:

“BREAKING: The Montana House of Reps has been shut down by left-wing protesters who are there protesting the censure of transgender Democrat Rep. Zooey Zephyr, that was led by the @MTFreedomCaucus, for telling his Republican colleagues they have “blood on their hands” for passing…”

“Left-wing protesters bang on the doors to the Montana House Gallery. They are there protesting a @MTFreedomCaucus led effort to censure a transgender Democrat who told them they had “blood on their hands” for banning child mutilation.”

“Zephyr, meanwhile, was standing in the middle of the room holding up a microphone as the Speaker kept denying him the ability to speak.”

“Here’s a pic of protesters being cuffed by police for shutting down the Montana House of Reps today.”

Montana Freedom Caucus tweeted:

“Today was a clear example of self service. Not public service. #mtpol

Cassandra MacDonald tweeted:

“The libs are insurrectioning again“

That was in a quote tweet to Charlie Kirk’s comment, where he said:

“BREAKING: The Montana House of Representatives has been overrun by left-wing “protesters” after the censure of transgender Democrat Zooey Zephyr for telling Republican colleagues they have “blood on their hands” for passing anti-child mutilation bills.”

It seems that liberals aren’t happy with having things the way they want in blue states only. They want their radical ideas injected into all 50 states and will intimidate lawmakers who aren’t ok with it apparently.

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  1. Ah the peaceful and tolerant left. Is this not an insurrection like the one in Tennessee recently?
    No of course not because it’s the leftists doing it so it’s okay.

    I hope the house doesn’t cave to these deviants because it will only embolden their fanatical behavior.

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