Rashida Tlaib Retweets David Hogg’s “F*^% a National Day of Prayer”, Then Halfway Apologizes

Yesterday was declared a National Day of Prayer by President Trump in support of those hurt by the Coronavirus Pandemic in part, and one person who wasn’t a fan was Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg.  He tweeted out, “F*^% a National Day of Prayer.” US Congressman Rashida Tlaib saw the tweet and decided to retweet, but has since deleted.

The original tweet still remains on Hogg’s account and clearly he stands by the sentiment.

Tlaib has since tweeted out a halfway apology by claiming that her “retweet was not to be an attack on prayer.” She said that she has been “praying through this all” and attended the National Prayer Breakfast. The “Squad” member, clearly hasn’t contributed to an environment of unity that our nation needs so much right now. Clearly, many in charge, even on both sides of the political aisle are trying their best to keep American’s from losing their lives to the Coronavirus pandemic and rhetoric like this only adds to the polarization that is opposite to being helpful in any way.

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