Rep Bob Good and Two Others Sign on to MTG’s ‘Fire Fauci Act’

On April 1, U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) introduced H.R. 2316, known as the “Fire Fauci Act,” essentially seeking the removal of Dr. Anthony Fauci from his government position.

The bill, which was referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce is designed to reduce the salary of the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to provide for an audit of the correspondence, financial statements, and policy memoranda within the Office of the Director during the COVID–19 outbreak, and for other purposes.

Yesterday morning, Greene tweeted, “Anthony Fauci makes more money than ANYONE in the government. His lies have been exposed for the world to see.”

Later, there was some apparently some activity on the bill, with three House Republicans reportedly coming on board as co-sponsors.

U.S. House Rep Bob Good (R-VA) is one of the congressmen who signed on to the bill and Greene mentioned him in a tweet where she said, “Thanks to @RepBobGood for co-sponsoring my “Fire Fauci Act” (HR 2316)! #FireFauci.”

Good retweeted Greene’s tweet about him, confirming his addition to the legislation, and shared an article about Fauci’s forthcoming book seemingly scrubbed being from Amazon, Barnes & Noble amid backlash.

“The real story… is in the emails,” Good said in the tweet.

Greene’s fellow Georgia Republican, U.S. House Rep Buddy Carter, is another apparent co-sponsor of the bill as he tweeted yesterday, “I signed @RepMTG‘s ‘Fire Fauci Act’ because China gave us the virus and took our jobs. We must fully understand what happened, why it happened, and make sure it never happens again. We have to get tough on China to ensure a thorough and scientific investigation.”

“To do this, we need strong leadership, not Dr. Fauci who simply wants to stay relevant and control the lives of Americans. We have all seen with our own eyes now how troubling his emails are and he should step aside,” Carter added.

U.S. House Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL) appears to be the other congressman to sign on to Greene’s bill as she thanked him in a tweet similar to the one she made about Good.

Gaetz quote tweeted her tweet and called it a “Great bill!”