Republicans Mock Biden For Insisting ‘Progress’ is Being Made While Attempting to Spin September Jobs Report

In a tweet yesterday, President Joe Biden attempted to spin the September jobs report and insisted that “progress’ is being made.

The tweet echoed remarks that he made on Friday, which CNBC reported on in an article titled, “The September jobs number was a big miss, but Biden sees ‘great progress’ in rising wages, lower unemployment rate.”

“Jobs up, wages up, unemployment down. That’s progress,” Biden insisted in the tweet.

The tweet has received nearly 90k likes, but conservatives mocked the president for attempting to claim that things are on a good path.

Pennsylvania GOP senate candidate Sean Parnell quote tweeted Biden and called it, “Straight up propaganda.”

U.S. House Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ) put is own spin on Biden’s tweet in a quote tweet where he said, “Crime is up, illegal border crossings up, America’s credibility around the globe is down. That’s failure.”

“Crime is up. Border crossings are up. Inflation is up. Jobs are down. Your approval is down,” U.S. House Rep Ken Buck (R-CO) told Biden in a quote tweet, echoing Gosar’s words.

On Friday, we reported:

The September jobs report is likely to have the Biden Administration is in panic mode and can be considered a disaster from any standpoint.

“194,000 net new jobs added. Way less, way less than anybody expected, and less than last month, and the worst of the year,” CNN’s Christine Romans said on the latest jobs report in a clip tweeted by the House Republicans.

Romans also described the report as a “Brainteaser,” in an apparent attempt to spin the news.

According to Reuters, economists they had polled had forecast payrolls increasing by 500,000 jobs with estimates ranging from as high as 700,000 jobs to as low as 250,000.

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