Richmond Judge Extends Injunction Blocking Northam from Removing Robert E. Lee Monument

Radical left-wing Governor Ralph Northam has been catering to the ‘rage mob’ every step of the way. Most recently he has approved the removal of the historic and iconic Robert E. Lee monument that has graced Monument Ave. in Richmond, Virginia since 1890. A Richmond judge has extended an injunction to block the removal. See tweet:

In the past few weeks, demonstrators, rioters, and looters have destroyed monuments, many of them of Confederates, and other monuments around the country. This is in addition to buildings and stores being burned down and looted starting from the riot that broke out in Minneapolis, Minnesota after the police-involved killing of George Floyd. The Virginia Flaggers, a pro-Virginia, pro-Confederate history organization has put out a press release detailing the situation:

A Richmond judge extended the injunction blocking the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue indefinitely, saying in court Thursday that the monument “belongs to the people.”

The man who filed the lawsuit more than a week ago, William C. Gregory, has 21 days to file another complaint following Circuit Court Judge Bradley Cavedo’s decision to dismiss the original complaint after ruling that it was flawed, 8News’ Laura Perrot reports.

“It belongs to the people,” Cavedo said of the statue in court Thursday.

A motion was also filed to add a new plaintiff, who wishes to remain anonymous, to the case. A hearing has been scheduled for July 23 at 2 p.m.

Yesterday, Governor Northam began the removal process, placing barricades and fencing at the historical site. 

This as we enter our third week of lawlessness in the Capital of the Confederacy.  Vandals struck the Richmond Howlitzers monument Saturday night.  The destruction was streamed live by a local news station, and yet nothing was done to stop them, no investigation has been launched, no arrests made…

We are under siege and operating as such.  We have not given up the fight, but are planning new strategies to keep putting the skeer on.

Stay tuned, and keep the faith! 

I received this note from a supporter yesterday with a gift to the Va Flaggers.  I share in the hopes that it encourages you as it did me…

In spite of the recent setbacks…we will hold our head high. 

Please do not be discouraged and remember we are in a marathon, not a sprint…

I enclose my check which I am sure you will put to good use for your noble work.  Keep those flags flying!

Lee will stand for at least another three weeks and possibly much, much longer.  We need to brace ourselves here in RVA, because the heathens will rage, but find comfort and strength in the knowledge that God is in control.


The Virginia Flaggers can be followed on their Facebook page, The Virginia Flaggers, so stay tuned for more news and information. The situation our nation is experiencing is clearly not going away anytime soon, but as Americans, we can only hope for some type of hope and peace that can allow life to get back to some sense of normalcy for many who have no idea what’s going to happen in the coming months and years.

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