Robert De Niro Bashes President Trump and Kids on The View

Robert De Niro was on ‘The View’ today to talk about “The Irishman” and also his thoughts and feelings on President Trump and his children. Nothing is off-limits when you are the President of the United States. De Niro hasn’t been shy about his feelings about President Trump. Before Trump was elected De Niro Called Him “totally nuts”.

As part of a campaign to get people out to vote in 2016, De Niro Says “He’s so blatantly stupid. He’s a punk, He’s a dog, He’s a pig, A con. A bullsh*t artist. A mutt who doesn’t know what he’s talking about” when talking about then-candidate Trump, and when Trump was elected De Niro said “half the country is horrified, many parts of the world are, and we’re gonna see how he does. That’s it.” at the Tony awards in 2018 he received a standing ovation for saying “F*** Trump”. These are just some of the negative things De Niro has gone on record saying about Trump.

This visit to ‘The View’ wasn’t much different. De Niro walks out to sit down with the women of ‘The View’ and Whoopi brings the conversation back to Impeachment citing that De Niro has been a strong critic of President Trump even before he was elected. Whoopi asks De Niro for his thoughts. 

De Niro states “We have to do this. We have to go through the motion, symbolically it means something, it’s a taint on his presidency more than taint it’s a stain. One that he deserves. So yes we will go through with it take our chances we have to take our chances. No matter what he’s gonna try and use it, that he got ahead of it that he beat it, like a gangster. I beat the wrap I beat them like the ‘Teflon Don’ be he has to take that punishment he has to pay the consequences… He did something wrong he has to pay for it.” 

Joy Behar seems to start to engage De Niro about ‘The Irishman’ and an interview he did for it. However, the point brought out of the article was that De Niro said he would never play Trump because he has ‘no redeeming qualities’.

She brings up the character he played in Taxi Driver who was a psychopath, The Raging bull where he plays a wife beater. Behar asks De Niro “Is Trump worse than they are?” De Niro replies with “to me he is” to which the audience claps in response. 

Behar brings up the subject of Trump’s children which she states De Niro has said they are like a gangster family too. To this De Niro relates that “If My Kids did what these kids (Trump’s children) did I wouldn’t want to be related to them I would disown them. I’d have a serious talk with them. First of all its impossibility, my kids are not like that, of course.

But, if I disagreed on things of principal, which we do now so even about this. My how strongly I feel about it cause I feel that we’re at a crossroads as we all know. This guy he’d want to get elected a third term, he’d want to be king for life. All these things are true we see that we know that about him now. This guy has got to be taken seriously and he has got to be taken out of office.”

De Niro then calls for people to get out there and vote to specify the minority vote to get him out of office. De Niro is ready for Trump to be ousted from the Presidency however it can be done it seems.

Wednesday the house is set to take the impeachment vote to the floor to try to officially Impeach President Donald Trump. If it passes it will go to the hands of the Senate which is lead by Mitch McConnell who has said he will work with the White House.

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