Ronna McDaniel Slammed Over Perception She is Moving on From Trump, Bongino Slams RNC

There’s no question that Donald Trump has transformed the Republican Party, largely into the party of Trump and Trumpism, even beyond Donald the man.

Regardless of the fact that most major media outlets have projected Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election, many are still fighting for President Trump to try to overturn the results through various legal mechanisms in some key swing states. The likelihood of winning is somewhat questionable but many Trump supporters are very enthused.

Ronna McDaniel, the RNC Chairwoman, clearly knows that President Trump not only commands a huge amount of influence over today’s brand of GOP, but he will also likely continue to do so into the foreseeable future. That is why she still touts him and supports him on the surface. Today she spoke to Georgia Republicans to rally them up in support of Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

If these US Senators don’t get re-elected in the upcoming runoff it could flip the balance of power entirely to the Democrats. Nevertheless, many still are laser-focused on the battle President Trump is fighting, and less focused on Georgia, and some, are hinging one on the other, implying that Loeffler, Perdue, and the GOP as a whole don’t deserve to stay in power if they abandon Trump now.

‘Ali’ on Twitter tweeted:

“WHY DID SHE SAY THIS?! @GOPchairwoman Ronna Romney- McDaniel just told everyone to move on from TRUMP. This will hurt votes on Jan 5th. Do two things. Save Presidential Electors and Senate! #GAsen #StopTheSteaI

This was in response to the screenshot below Ali’s comment about an audience member reminding McDaniel what they appear to care about most right now, helping President Trump. Dan Bongino didn’t directly critique McDaniel herself, but called out the RNC. He tweeted out this morning:

“Totally “unsurprising” that some insiders at the “REPUBLICAN” National Committee are trying to undermine the POTUS in these critical legal fights. Never forget the golden rule: many Republicans are really Democrats, but NO Democrats are really Republicans. #FACT #Justin

DJ Judd explains more in detail how McDaniel appears to be on a slightly different course than many Republicans.

For the GOP, it is very important to hold the Senate seats in Georgia. But to many who only voted Republican because Trump brought them out, they don’t want to be treated like the owe the GOP a vote.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s supporters continue to rally on his behalf around the nation and the president himself continues to tweet about what he believes to be voter fraud in key swing states that needs to be exposed and corrected. He does not plan to concede as of now.

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