Rose McGowan Calls Alyssa Milano ‘The Leader of Karens’

Yesterday we reported on Alyssa Milano calling 911 in what neighbors have dubbed “squirrelgate.” Rose McGowan shared screenshots of the story and asked, “Who is the Leader of Karens?” She answered her own question by saying, “Alyssa Milano.”

She followed that up with a two-part tweet that said, “I was sent anthrax in 2018, FBI investigated, I said nothing. AM/Leader of Karens, freaked & stopped fan mail to Charmed set after Ricin was sent to GW Bush. I knew then what and whom I was dealing with. Twisted minds twist the public.”

McGowan added, “It may seem as if I’m picking on AM /LOK, but I’m using her as an example to expose those who gaslight the public. Frauds and the complicit bother me tremendously, in case you haven’t noticed. There is an evil machine behind her, trust.”

Milano released a statement yesterday confirming that her husband called 911, but claimed that it was a “set up” based on “tweets sent out” while they “were in lockdown.”

Milano said in a tweet, “Apparently, rightwing media & trolls have decided that they should target me because my neighbor called the police after seeing a person dressed in black holding a rifle behind my home where I live with my young children and husband. Here is my statement and what really happened.”