RSBN Cuts Live Feed of Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar After he Says ‘I’m Considered the Most Dangerous Man in Congress’

Breaking story, RSBN appears to have censored or maybe accidentally cut away from U.S. House Rep Paul Gosar (R-AZ) live at a Donald Trump rally in Arizona. This article will be updated. Watch:

RSBN has been claiming to be for free speech. We will give them the benefit of the doubt that this might have been an accident.

But it doesn’t add up to us. Hopefully, they’ll make a statement later clarifying why Paul Gosar’s speech was cut out. There are not many other places to watch the Trump rally live. Stay tuned for possible more updates on this matter.

Andrew Torba of also asked RSBN what happened:

UPDATE: We reached out to Brian Glenn of RSBN and did not get a response. He did hang up on us when we called for comment. We hope he just had bad reception and will respond later apologizing for the bad communication and explain what happened with Rep Gosar’s speech. Stay tuned for more updates.

SECOND UPDATE 8:50 PM ET: We received a comment from RSBN stating that they cut away from Rep Gosar to interview Mike Lindell. It’s still unclear why or if it was intended to skip Gosar in particular, as he is a very popular Congressman, and Lindell had already spoken on stage a little earlier.

FINAL UPDATE 9:10 PM ET: RSBN says it wasn’t intending to skip any speaker in particular and only had a limited time to interview Mike Lindell. Paul Gosar is welcome to come to do an interview with RSBN anytime we are told.