Rudy Giuliani Breaks Silence, Claims Biden is ‘Demonstrably Unfit for the Office of President’ After 13 American Deaths in Afghanistan

Former esteemed New York City Mayor and ally of former President of the United States Donald John Trump’s, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, is speaking out. He is not one to mince words and this particular occasion is no exception.

After 13 Americans were tragically killed yesterday in Joe Biden’s botched U.S. military pullout from Afghanistan, he is facing much criticism. Biden claims they are sticking to the plan though.

Former President Trump has slammed Biden in many statements and called for his resignation. Even many left-leaning news networks who arguably did the work of the DNC by constantly bashing Donald Trump when he was in office, have appeared to have turned on him.

While the left-leaning networks, Hollywood elites, and others know that Biden is failing and can’t pretend he’s not though, they will take it softly on him, unlike the way they spun everything about former President Trump into a negative light, in our view.

Nevertheless, Giuliani has his own harsh criticisms to add to Biden’s botch ups. Many may see this as a proverbial “kicking a man while he’s down”. The Democrat party though has been harsh to Trump and the GOP as well, often blaming Trump personally for hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 deaths.

Although Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claims that now is not a time for politics, many don’t feel that way. It doesn’t take away from honoring the fallen or recognizing just how tragic the recent events in the Middle East are, to talk about who is at the helm.

In a statement issued on Twitter this morning, Giuliani said:

Tragically 13 US marines were killed yesterday solely because of President Biden’s reckless plan, or lack of a plan, for withdrawal from Afghanistan. He is demonstrably unfit for the office of President. How many more needless deaths before he is removed from office.

Yes, Giuliani is calling for the removal of President Joe Biden from office. It remains to be seen if the Democrats like U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) continue to do damage control and run interference for Biden, or if they will soon turn on him as well.

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