Rudy Giuliani to Media at Press Briefing: ‘If You Continue to Say We Don’t Have Evidence of Voter Fraud You’re Lying’

In the representation of President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani had a press briefing today to talk about alleged evidence of Voter fraud in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other areas.

In his press briefing, he covers a lot of detailed information talks about how many people have gone under penalty of perjury saying that they saw improprieties during the 2020 presidential election. Rudy says he could name every single one but he is afraid that these people will be harassed, fired, and possibly lose their friends for boldly standing up to what they see as possible voter improprieties.

It will be up to judges and courts and the American people to look at all the evidence being provided by the Trump administration and Rudy Giuliani and see if they have enough merit to throw Joe Biden’s projected win into turmoil.

As of now, the media is calling the race for Joe Biden and most outlets say there is very little evidence of voter fraud. You may be hard-pressed to find them talking about the specific examples being shown by the Trump team though. Watch Rudy Giuliani speak:

Even if there aren’t enough votes for President Trump to eliminate some of Joe Biden’s winning margins, there is a possibility that the Trump team is trying to discredit the entire process in key swing states which may lay groundwork for them to say the votes can’t be certified, or that the Supreme Court should at least take a look at what’s going on.

Rudy also mentioned the lawsuit filed in Wisconsin where the Trump campaign is having to pay millions of dollars for recounts in some of the areas. For the sake of social media fact-checkers, we are not claiming every word that Giuliani won’t be fact-checked, we are simply reporting on the situation so you can decide for yourself what to think.

Giuliani at one point in the video says that he is providing evidence because of sworn affidavits, and it is more than allegations, which means the media may be lying if they continue to say there is no evidence.

Perhaps outlets can claim there may not be enough evidence in their view, but it’s hard to say there is absolutely no evidence of improprieties. Giuliani claims he sees “massive” fraud in multiple states, also mentioning how Republicans could not watch the absentee mail-in process in Atlanta along with other claims. He says that that will be in a lawsuit coming out tomorrow and that they also are looking at a likely lawsuit in Arizona.

Virginia and New Mexico along with a handful of other key swing states were mentioned by Rudy as states he says the campaign is looking at providing evidence that he believes the votes were not proper in some cases. Rudy believes he has enough evidence to turn over the election. Time will tell if that is the case or not.

The video we embedded was live at the time this was published and Trump team member Sidney Powell went on to speak as well as possibly others as time goes on. We will keep you updated on this fluid situation.

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