Sarah Sanders: Media Will Declare Biden ‘Winner’ of Debate If He ‘Doesn’t Fall Asleep’

The first Presidential debate is in Cleveland, Ohio next Tuesday and will be moderated by Fox News host Chris Wallace. If you have been watching the channel lately, they have already started a countdown to the event.

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders appeared this morning on America’s Newsroom and gave her prediction that “If Joe Biden doesn’t fall asleep on stage the media will call him the winner, regardless of how well the President does.”

She later echoed those words in a tweet and added a bit more saying that “If Joe Biden doesn’t fall asleep on the debate stage, the media will declare him the resounding winner and praise his performance as the greatest in American history. That’s what President Trump is up against next week.”

In the clip from the interview, she said that not only is Trump up against Biden, but he is also up against the “liberal media.” She pointed out that Biden has “not been doing day in and day out press conferences the way President Trump is.”

“The way I see it, he’s prepping every single day. I think he’ll do fine, he did a great job in 2016. I think it’s important for him to come out strong,” Sanders added about Trump.

In a radio interview this morning with Brian Kilmeade, Trump said he doubted that Wallace would ask Biden difficult questions during next week’s presidential debate, asserting that the Fox News host is “controlled by the radical left” and that the debate would be “unfair.”

He appeared to be attempting to preemptively trying to push the moderator-to-be to ask Biden tougher questions as he said, “We’ll see. Then he’s got to ask tough questions of Biden,” after Kilmeade claimed that Wallace “is not controlled by anyone.”