Scalise Accuses Pelosi of ‘Deflection’ After She Claims He’s Promoting ‘Anti-Vaxxers’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) released a statement today attacking House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) and clamed that he was urging “House Republicans to block vaccine money” while also promoting “Anti-Vaxxers.”

Pelosi outlined her claims in a tweet where she said that, “Less than 1 week after urging Republicans to block $160B in vaccine funding, Minority Whip @SteveScalise is using his position to elevate Republicans who have publicly urged Americans not to take the COVID-19 vaccine.”

“Republicans have publicly complained about their inability to mount public opposition to the bipartisan American Rescue Plan’s push to crush the COVID-19 virus. Turning to vaccine skeptics is a reckless Republican effort to put partisanship over American health, safety, & jobs,” Pelosi added.

Scalise responded sharply to her claims and said that he felt it was “Typical deflection from the person who forced Dems to vote against my amendment to increase vaccine distribution to 200 million in Biden’s first 100 days.”

“The reality is less than 10% of their bill goes to public health and the rest goes to liberal special interests,” Scalise insisted while calling the effort, “Pathetic.”

In the statement by Pelosi, she explained that Scalise is “scheduled to lead a CPAC panel with Wayne Dupree, a Republican activist who has repeatedly cast doubt on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and encouraged Americans not to take it.”

Dupree is a black conservative activist and radio host with nearly 500k followers on Twitter.

Pelosi also referenced yesterday’s television appearance by Scalise and said, “The move follows Scalise’s widely criticized decision to undermine American democracy and repeat the ‘Big Lie’ about the 2020 presidential election on ABC’s ‘This Week’.”

“The President’s American Rescue Plan will crush the virus, return children safely to the classroom, get vaccines to the people, put dollars into families’ pockets and put people back to work,” Pelosi believes.

In an appearance this morning on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Scalise said, “Joe Biden was saying follow the science until the science said open the schools. Now he’s following the teachers unions. And leaving students to suffer.”