Scalise: Biden’s New Massive, Partisan Immigration Bill is Filled With All the Far-Left’s Insane Demands

We reported yesterday that Democrats unveiled immigration reform legislation in Congress today spearheaded by President Biden that would pave a “pathway to citizenship” for the over 11 million illegal immigrants currently in America if passed.

U.S. House Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH), who is the ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, called out the measure and released a statement on what he called a “radical immigration proposal.”

Today, House Republicans, including Jordan, sent a letter to the DHS “raising concerns over the Biden Administration’s actions to limit enforcement and weaken border security.”

“These actions encourage illegal immigration and could lead to a border health crisis & widespread COVID19 infections,” the House Oversight Committee Republicans said in a tweet.

U.S. House Rep Jake LaTurner (R-KS) was one of the Republicans who signed the letter and he said in a tweet, “The Biden Administration’s immigration policies are signaling to the world that our immigration laws can be violated with little, if any, consequence.”

Republican House Whip Steve Scalise (LA) criticized the Biden administration’s request as well in a tweet where he said, “Make no mistake: Biden’s new immigration bill is just all the far-left’s insane demands thrown into one massive, partisan bill.”

“Congress should reject it and get to work on serious, bipartisan solutions for the challenges hardworking Americans are facing,” Scalise added.

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