‘Seeking Justice’ AZ GOP Appeals Election Case Denied in State Supreme Court to the SCOTUS

On Tuesday, the Arizona Supreme Court denied an appeal by the state’s GOP chairwoman, Kelli Ward, and said that she “offered no evidence” to show that the sample was inadequate or that there was any widespread fraud that could be proven with more samples.

Today, Ward recorded a video where she announced that they were taking the case to the Supreme Court. In a follow-up tweet, the Arizona GOP said that they were “seeking justice.”

After previously being denied, Ward said it was “disappointing” that the AZ high court would “not permit us to look behind closed doors to review additional material for similar mistakes, of which we were in a short time able to identify statistically significant evidence of human error.”

Ward echoed those words in the video released today as she said, “The media loves to say, ‘Show us the evidence.’ We found evidence, but then, we didn’t have enough time to do more discovery because they kept that evidence locked up.”

“Our case is going to the Supreme Court of the United States, we are filing, and hopefully we will be accepted… if we are accepted, we’ll be only the third case in this presidential of 2020 to be accepted by the Supreme Court,” Ward said when announcing.

“We have not had due process, it is unconstitutional for us to not have due process,” Ward believes. “It’s smoke and mirrors and the people of Arizona see right through it. So do the people of America as a whole,” she explained.