Senator Kelly Townsend Gives Arizona Audit Update, Wants Less Compromise, Rogers Mentions Minor Redactions Coming

Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend has opined on the audit deal made between the senate and Maricopa County. Many are happy that the $2.8 million charges is dropped and access to the routers will be granted, although they won’t take physical posession. Townsend is, to some degree, wanting to see more. Townsend tweeted her Telegram message and we copied and pasted it directly from Telegram so you can easily read it all:

“Regarding the Friday compromise and the appointment of the Special Master to retrieve info from the routers and Splunk logs
(And to reiterate, I do not support the compromise, but it was signed before I knew it was even happening. So if we are unable to keep this from going forward, these are my minimum requirements) –

At the very minimum, the following needs to happen:

  1. Ben Cotton from Cyfir (or someone directly involved in the AZ audit thus far, who knows what they are looking at) needs to be present in person, within viewing distance, at all times when any information is collected and handled by the Special Master’s IT team.
  2. A chain of custody of all information and action must be collected, preserved, and presented to the Senate as part of the audit.
  3. A report must be put together that is comprehensive and complete regarding every action taken. Every question asked, and every request made must be documented and made public.
  4. All parties should sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury that all information retrieved and delivered is true and accurate.
  5. All proceedings should be on video and live streamed for the public to see except for direct video of sensitive information. If this is not possible due to the agreement that needs to be Revisited and changed.
  6. Retention of Records for 24 months.

If any of these requirements are not met then the information gathered and collected shall be considered incomplete and non verifiable. It is not for the public or other Senators not involved in this process to just trust the special master and his IT team. This senator will accept nothing less. If additional requirements arise in the coming days, they will be posted as well. We have come too far to finish weak.

See Townsend’s tweet:

Rogers added more info and answered an important question many are asking yesterday. She explains how, when the audit results are revealed on the 24th, some data will indeed be redacted.

“People are asking if there will be redactions in the Arizona Audit Report. Answer: Yes there will be some redactions. Redactions are only of voter-specific personal information nuggets on ballot examples used in the final report. The judge was very strict in ordering (1/2)

masking of voters’ personal information (name, home address, etc) months ago. (2/2)”

Stay tuned for more potential updates to the Arizona forensic audit in Maricopa County.

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