Shapiro: If You Had to Work More Than One Job, ‘That’d be a You Problem’

Controversial conservative talk show host and editor in chief of The Daily Wire Ben Shapiro is making waves for something he said about poverty. In a short clip that is making its rounds on Twitter, Ben Shapiro says:

“If you had to work more than one job to have a roof over your head or food on the table, you probably shouldn’t have taken the job that’s not paying you enough. That’d be a you problem”


The free market promoter has gone viral and is trending on Twitter with over 14,000 tweets and counting in the last couple of hours, and for the wrong reasons, unfortunately. Although capitalism is our best bet for a thriving economy, Shapiro often seems to look at things in a numbers only fashion and doesn’t really consider the human element.

In the video he talks about how a low percentage of people with two jobs are not actually causing the low unemployment rate, although it’s a valid point, he comes off very cold and calloused for those who may have struggled in the past or are currently struggling to make ends meet, and cannot simply “get a better paying job” for a plethora of potential reasons. Unfortunately Shapiro, according to a young child who trolled him in a tweet, it’s not that easy.

Twitter user Jhekson trolled @benshapiro by tweeting:

Poor people- exist

Ben Shapiro-

“Dude, if you’re poor, all you have to do is just get a high paying job, and make money, and then get rich! It’s that easy forehead, just get a high paying job! Why would you have two jobs, if you could just get one job that pays you a lot of money? Dude, what are you stupid? It’s that easy, all you have to do!


Shapiro, realizing the backlash on Twitter from his Faux Pas, took to his pedestal to try and do some damage control with a few ‘explanatory tweets’. In one tweet he sort of admits to being wrong but he generally is insisting that of course, everyone else who is criticizing his words (thousands of people on Twitter) is just taking him out of context.

“I understand why someone would need two jobs. I do not believe that the economy can be or should be structured, through government force, so no one has to work two jobs. That was Harris’ point.”

His point here is that government should not play the role in trying to manipulate the economy and job market such that it tries to help the lower class, and the free market does best when left to its own devices. This is an acceptable, fair and reasonable opinion to have but it’s really all he had to say.