SHOCK VIDEO: Raphael Warnock Staffer Told People He ‘Absolutely’ Supports Defunding The ‘Suckers in Blue’

A video by James O’ Keefe from Project Veritas exposes Sasha Williams from the Raphael Warnock campaign. It shows her agreeing with anti-white racism, and other shocking rhetoric.

It even shows a part in the below video where she is trying to explain to someone on the phone that Warnock is on the left’s side for “police reform” but ultimately she is asked if Warnock supports defunding “the suckers in blue” or the police. She doesn’t walk it back whatsoever at that point, but rather she totally agrees.

This video is shocking, even you’re mad at the GOP for not doing enough to help President Trump, which many rightfully are. The left is totally losing their sense of balance here in our view. This is a crazy time. O’Keefe posted the new video captioned:

“Is the @ReverendWarnock campaign harassing black voters in Georgia? “We have to touch black voters a minimum of nine times to remind them to go vote. A MINIMUM. That’s why everybody is inundated with text messages and phone calls…””

Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff are both trying to flip two US Senate seats in the upcoming runoff race in Georgia. It shocked many that President Trump somehow won Florida and North Carolina in the 2020 presidential election, but lost usually reliably red Georgia.

We do know the Democrats put in overtime to get out the vote, but it’s still hard to believe they were able to pull it off for many. There have been accusations of voting improprieties and voter fraud, as well as constitutional concerns with mass mail in voting campaigns.

Many elected officials have stonewalled or slow walked attempts to investigate these claims further. We can’t know for sure what happened but we do know that many people don’t want a full investigation. For example, there was a ballot signature audit in Cobb County, but not in Fulton County, where much more potential fraud was alleged to be occurring. Why is this the case?

We will see if people try to dispute the evidence in the above video, but meanwhile the GOP are their own worst enemy. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has thrown President Trump’s efforts to prove allegations of fraud and improprieties and David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler have been weak on it as well.

Recently, Loeffler wouldn’t even answer as to whether or not she would have voted against President Trump’s NDAA veto, which was to protect names of Confederate generals against bases being removed in the bill. President Trump wants to stand up for heritage and culture of all types, but apparently Loeffler is weak on this.

Why are we to expect droves of Republicans who are mad about cancel culture and questioning voter integrity to just keep showing up? The GOP may have sealed their fate, but we will see soon enough. It seems the left, even the radicals on the left have plenty of representation, as you can see with the anti-police rhetoric.

But many on the right and those who really worked hard for President Trump are continually losing representation and starting to feel like they are only showing up to vote for Democrats Lite, rather than strong Conservatives.