Some Feminists “Believe” Tara Reade, Will Vote for Joe Biden Anyway Despite Sexual Misconduct Claims

While some prominent Democrat politicians, political pundits, and other journalist class leftists-globalists deny Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against presidential candidate Joe Biden, others do not. Others have said they believe Tara Reade, and some, like Alyssa Milano, have simply said, “I hear you” or other things to that effect.

Twitter verified Scott Greer has highlighted some of the latter on his timeline, who still stand steadfastly by Joe Biden’s side. These people being highlighted are effectively saying that all the rules they set for President Trump, and Justice Brett Kavanaugh, that were set loosely based on hard to prove allegations, are out the window. This is despite the fact that many believe Tara Reade’s allegations against former VP Biden to actually be more credible than many others in the recent past.

Greer made a tongue in cheek joke, lightly referencing the Trump-Billy Bush tapes that surfaced during the 2016 presidential election. Although the tape, that unearthed now President Trump saying something about “grabbing” women’s private parts, it was a far cray from legitimate assault allegations. “When you’re senile, they let you do it,” Greer said, making what appears to be a hybrid Trump-Biden joke that puts Biden in the less favored light.

His caption was above a retweet of another tweet by Kate Gardiner, who posted a New York Times Op-Ed. The Op-Ed is to effectively make a case that even though it appears likely that Joe Biden is guilty of sexual assault, the Trump Derangement Syndrome is so bad that they would still support Biden over Trump in November. Gardiner in her tweet, also agrees with the New York Times piece, saying:

This is my sentiment as well – Biden has to win. I Believe Tara Reade. I’m Voting for Joe Biden Anyway. See the tweet below:

Gardiner later retweeted Kevin Dalton, who seemed to highlight the messiness of the entire situation, without seeming to favor one party or the other particularly. It’s actually unclear if he was supporting her sentiment or not, but her retweet makes it appear that he might be begrudgingly doing so. See tweet below:

What should be actually troubling to the Democrats themselves is this trend of “the rules don’t matter if…”. That is because it removes any credibility they had left. It removes the possibility that the next time a prominent Republican is accused of sexual improprieties with little to no evidence that any Democrats finger pointers are actually serious. It simply makes these people look like partisan hacks who will say or do anything to win with no moral standings on any real topics whatsoever. Is the #metoo movement dying already? Time will tell. One thing’s for sure, nobody is surprised that this Op-ED was actually published by the New York Times. They put out in part:

Let’s be clear: I believe Tara Reade. I believed Anita Hill, too. Remember the buttons? I wore one. What’s the constant here? Joe Biden, then the bumbling head of the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings, now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Long before Ms. Reade, before the reports of the rubbing and the sniffing, I interviewed an adviser to Ms. Hill, who said she’d tried to warn Mr. Biden of what was happening in the Thomas hearings — how unchecked Republicans were smearing an upright woman’s character. But “the United States Senate was still very much a boys’ club” back then, the adviser told me, and there was no getting through to him. Democratic primary voters knew all about Mr. Biden’s membership in that boys’ club when there was still time to pick someone else. Alas.

So what’s a girl to do now? Discounting Ms. Reade’s accusation and, one after another, denigrating her corroborating witnesses, calling for endless new evidence, avowing that you “hear” her, is nonsense. We are now up to four corroborating witnesses — including one contemporary corroborating witness, unearthed by Rich McHugh, who was Ronan Farrow’s producer at NBC News during the Harvey Weinstein #MeToo reporting — and one “Larry King Live” tape...

…I’ll take one for the team. I believe Ms. Reade, and I’ll vote for Mr. Biden this fall.

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