Some Leftists Ungrateful For Trump Supporter Baltimore Cleanup: ‘Reinforces Poor Image’, But Locals Thrilled

On Monday, Scott Presler and over 170 volunteers took to the streets of West Baltimore to help with some much-needed cleanup to try to make the city a little more appealing for the residents. Many in the city and around the nation applauded the efforts, including the White House. Many locals were thrilled in fact, as can be seen in the tweeted video below.



Unfortunately, the efforts weren’t well-received by all.  It started that day around noon when Daryle Lamont Jenkins, who is the Executive Director of One People’s Project, which he describes as an anti-racist organization. He is verified on Twitter and his organization includes a form on its page that you can fill out and report or receive updates on “white supremacist activity” in your area.  He sent out a Tweet to alert residents of “neo-fascist gloryhounds” in Baltimore.


During the day, a reporter, Eddie Conway, for The Real News Network interviewed Presler and others on the streets working to help clean up. He also offered some critiques and found a resident who expressed her disdain for the efforts. This was compiled into a news report where Presler was called a “Right-Wing Extremist” and criticized for working with ACT for America previously and accused of making the effort to score political points.


Then yesterday, the Baltimore Sun ran an editorial where they questioned the motives behind the clean-up. “Whatever he says his motives were, Mr. Presler’s presence in Baltimore reinforces the tired image of our failing urban cores.” Another part the article even blames drug dealers for the trash problem. “Does Mr. Presler know that drug dealers use trash to hide their product and have been known to threaten people who try to clean it up?” Presler for his part took it in stride but demanded they retract the article.

Presler Tweeted back:

The people of Baltimore love their city, but the city is forgetting its people. You didn’t include how the city wouldn’t give us permits for dumpsters. You didn’t include how the city owns the abandoned buildings where illegal dumping happens. Retract this article.


It just goes to show that no matter what you do, it will never be good enough for many on the left. The news media perpetuates stereotypes against conservatives by finding a way to criticize them even when they make a good faith effort to improve the lives of Americans. Despite this, people who want to better their country should continue to do what they do best.