Tucker Carlson Under Fire, Says White Supremacy Panic is a Hoax

Trending right now on Twitter are two hashtags, #FireTuckerCarlson, and #BoycottTuckerCarlson. This is because last night Tucker Carlson pushed back on the national narrative coming from both the left and the right that the mass shooting problem we are experiencing in our country today is based mostly on the problem of “White Supremacy”.

Newsweek put out a piece last night talking about this in-depth, titled, “TUCKER CARLSON CALLS CONCERNS ABOUT WHITE SUPREMACY A ‘HOAX’: ‘IT’S ACTUALLY NOT A REAL PROBLEM IN AMERICA'”

From Newsweek:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson called Americans’ growing concerns about the rise of white supremacy and white nationalism “a hoax” and “conspiracy theory used to divide the country” in the wake of two mass shootings this weekend that left dozens dead.

During a segment on Tucker Carlson Live on Tuesday, the conservative host lashed out at the media for criticizing President Donald Trump’s response to the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings.

“It’s not the job of this show to defend the president and everything he says,” Carlson said after airing a clip demonstrating the media criticisms of Trump’s speech on Monday. “Some things we are not going to defend. But in point of fact, he never endorsed white supremacy or came close to endorsing white supremacy. That’s just a lie. But he condemned it anyway. Their response, ‘he didn’t really mean it.'”

Highlighted by the fact that even though mass shootings happen by all different kind of people, Tucker has some good points. While violence in the name of white supremacy, (or any other name) is always and completely unacceptable, the narrative being pushed on us is misleading. For example, the most recent two shootings that tragically occurred two days ago, one in Dayton, OH and one in El Paso, TX, were not connected at all.

One proclaimed himself a white supremacist but did not place his ties at the foot of President Trump (another media scapegoat) and the other, the shooter in Dayton, was an avowed leftist who supported AOC and Elizabeth Warren. Only the former is being focused on in the mainstream though. Steve Scalise’s Bernie Sanders supporting shooter is another example of when the media likes to cherry-pick or ignore the shooters identifying as socialists and leftists.

Carlson also mentioned on his segment last night how, even though President Trump has condemned white supremacy, it’s still not good enough for the left-leaning media shows, it is never enough.

Tucker, on his show, excoriated the media and things like the Twitter hashtag #WhiteSupremacistTerrorism by talking about what he believes is disproportionate targeting of white people:

“But the whole thing is a lie, if you were to assemble a list, a hierarchy of concerns, of problems this country faces, where would white supremacy be on the list? Right up there with Russia probably.”


Brigitte Gabriel from ACT For America took to Twitter to defend Carlson in a tweet.


CNN’s reliably liberal and anti-Trump Brian Stelter took to Twitter to trash Tucker in another tweet.

SEE TWEET FROM @brianstelter BELOW:

More can be found on both sides of the debate using the hashtags on Twitter mentioned at the article’s beginning.