‘Staind’ Legend Aaron Lewis Trashes Washed Up Liberal Bruce Springsteen in New Song, Asks if Anyone Else is Mad About Statues Falling and Flags Burning

Rock star legend and now solo artist Aaron Lewis has had enough of the liberal infiltration into music and mainstream entertainment. Lewis is now doing country, but he is still going strong. He is deciding to hit back and hit back hard in a new song that was a recent debut live a few weeks ago.

Part of the song was a slam against Bruce Springsteen, who cried and whined about Donald Trump for 4 straight years, alienating much of his own fan base. Springsteen has also partnered up with Barack Obama lately to spread their Democrat message.

In a song played live by Lewis, he starts out asking if he’s the “only one”. Once you start listening, it’s not hard to see the direction the song is taking.

The video clip is narrated at the beginning. The voiceover says at the beginning, “Aaron Lewis, who is known for speaking his mind, and not giving a damn, well, he’s at it again. But this time he lets it shine through a brand new song…” “…the song has not yet been titled” but it might take the name of “Am I The Only One?”.

“Am I the only one here tonight, shaking my head and thinking something ain’t right” he kicks it off. “Am I the only one, tell me I’m not, who thinks they’re taking all the good we got and turning it back. Hell, I’ll be damned, I’m turning into my old man. Am I the only one willing to bleed, or take a bullet for being free, screaming what the f— at my TV for telling me, yeah are you telling me, am I the only one, willing to fight for my love of the red and white and the blue burning on the ground as the statues coming down in a town near you, watching old glory come undone, am I the only one?”

He kicked off the intense beginning of the song and then continued with even more passionate lyrics as you can see in the video below before saying, “am I the only one who quit singing along every time they play a Springsteen song?”

Watch entire song below:

Time will tell if Lewis gets “cancel cultured” as he tours the nation or if this falls under the radar while someone actually speaks out on behalf of what their actual fan base thinks without fear of being reprimanded. He ends the song with “I’m not the only one, I can’t be the only one”.

Apparently he has another song (viewer discretion) that has a trigger warning called “If I were a liberal” as well:

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