State Farm Rescinds ‘Support’ For Program to Distribute LGBTQ Books to Kindergarteners After Backlash

After backlash, State Farm has rescinded “support” for a program to distribute LGBTQ books to kindergarteners.

National Review reported earlier that the program would enlist hundreds of staff volunteers across the country to distribute LGBTQ-themed books to teachers, community centers, and libraries, explicitly targeting children as young as kindergartners.

The program was to be in collaboration with the GenderCool Project, as State Farm aimed to “help diversify classroom, community center and library bookshelves with a collection of books to help bring clarity and understanding to the national conversation about Being Transgender, Inclusive and Non-Binary,”

“Libs of Tik Tok” shared a tweet that contained a screenshot of a mass email that was sent by the “Chief Diversity Officer,” Victor Terry.

“BREAKING: @StateFarm sent out a mass email to their staff today stating ‘we will no longer support that program’ after they were exposed for supporting a project to push LGBTQ books into schools. A source tells me ‘the agents were really upset when we found out.’ W”

In the email, which was sent with the subject “gender curriculum,” Terry acknowledged that the program has been the “subject of news and customer inquiries.”

“This program that included books about gender identity was intended to promote inclusivity,” Terry insisted.

Ultimately, Terry said “We will no longer support that program,” however he added that “We will continue to explore how we can support organizations that provide tools and resources that align with our commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

Texas Scorecard publisher Michael Quinn Sullivan reacted to the email, “This doesn’t read like REALLY reversing course. Reads like ‘we are going to find a way to do it without getting caught.'”

“Libs of Tik Tok” responded, “The good news is I now have at least 3 StateFarm employees who will keep me updated if anything changes. And I know others have their own sources within @StateFarm. They are being closely watched.”

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