State Senator Wendy Rogers Introduces Arizona Heartbeat Bill

Newly elected pro-Trump Republican State Senator Wendy Rogers has been shaking things up and showing other Republicans how it’s done by being an absolute leader. After just getting into office she is already putting forth proposals including bold new pro-life legislation.

Rogers tweeted the news with the caption:

“Senator Wendy Rogers supports the life of the unborn by proposing the Arizona Heartbeat Bill. Please call your state reps and senators and ask them to support SB1383.”

Another recent proposal by Wendy:

“Senator Wendy Rogers supports our right to privacy by proposing the Prohibition of Highway Video Surveillance Bill. Please call your state reps and senators and ask them to support SB1419.”

Rogers also recently opined on the crazy stock market news where retail traders have reportedly gone up against hedge fund short-sellers in a once in a lifetime short-squeeze causing trading week in GameStop and other stocks. We reported on that news earlier here. This is a good indicator that Rogers is not going to be beholden by special interests like some politicians have historically been known to do.

“What happened with #GameStop today was amazing. Good job to the internet for putting the suits in their place.”

Wendy is likely to continue pushing strong America First and Conservative legislation as she paves the way for the Arizona GOP to try to make a comeback with Kelli Ward at the wheel in the AZGOP.

During the battle to push for election integrity Rogers wasn’t afraid to speak her mind in many instances, sometimes rattling and getting into it with left-wing journalists who seem to be posing as activists far too often.

Back in December, Wendy encouraged the Arizona Supreme Court to investigate with courage the election integrity case brought up by the Arizona GOP:

“I am excited the @AZGOP court case has made it to the Arizona Supreme Court! Hope they do the right thing and have courage!”

Stay tuned for more updates on this development.

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