Talk Show Host Larry King Dies at 87, 50 Cent: God Bless Him

Talk show host Larry King has sadly passed away at 87 years old. King generally as liked by all, and usually managed to stay away from political drama, unlike most Hollywood celebs and other famous people. Rapper 50 Cent posted a picture of himself with King saying:

“R.i.P To the legend Larry King God bless him.”

King was recently diagnosed with Covid-19, but it’s unclear if that’s why he died. His official Twitter page has a statement highlighting his 63 years in the public eye.

It’s not too often someone like King is able to stay relatively drama free, and more celebrities should learn from him that using their pedestal isn’t just about pushing their personal agenda or being part of some cool club.

King apparently was friends with Donald Trump, despite the fact that he didn’t vote for him.

We wish the best for Larry King and his family and will say a pray for him.