Ted Cruz Devastates Leftists Everywhere, Says GOP Senate Likely Has the Votes for SCOTUS Nomination

Democrats all over the nation are in full panic mode. After the tragic loss of 87-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsberg, President Trump says he is planning on filling the seat before the election. Some Republicans such as U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Susan Collins (R-ME) have cast a shadow on the GOP’s hopes of getting it done before the presidential election though.

Nevertheless, Senator Ted Cruz, (R-TX), who ironically enough was on President Trump’s shortlist for a possible nod, is claiming he believes the GOP led Senate may well still have the votes. This is devastating to Democrats everywhere because even if Joe Biden were to pull off a win in November, the GOP would have a stacked deck in the SCOTUS, possibly for years to come.

If, however, President Trump gets re-elected, it would be infinitely more tragic for leftists as there would be a chance for Trump to put even more Supreme Court Judges in the next four years, and that is likely the very worst-case scenario for the Democrats, who have moved further and further to the radical left over recent years, and even months.

George Stephanopoulos asked Ted Cruz about he situation, and Ted Cruz has said it’s particularly important that the Republicans push a nominee before election day. “I believe we will,” said Cruz, when asked by ABC’s Stephanopoulos if he thinks enough Senators would vote to nominate a President Trump picked Supreme Court candidate before the November third election.

Cruz believes Joe Biden will challenge the election results if he loses and that we need a full deck of members on the Supreme Court to fairly decide what the outcome should be if that happens. It would be a catastrophic scenario in some people’s view if it came down to that and there was an empty Supreme Court Seat. The Hill pushed back on Cruz’s opinion saying:

Biden has not explicitly said he would challenge the election results. Trump has repeatedly doubted the results of this year’s election should he lose, particularly rejecting the legitimacy of mail-in ballots states are turning to due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Nevertheless, most reasonable people would probably think a full Supreme Court was needed for a major judicial decision, of course, the left is afraid that too many right-leaning judges would put them in a hairy situation. Time will tell, as the untimely death of Ginsberg has flipped this election season in a whole new direction.

Watch the Cruz clip below:

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