Ted Cruz to Whoopi Goldberg: ‘Very Different Circumstances’ From 2016 to Fill Supreme Court Vacancy

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz appeared on ABC’s “The View” today to promote his new book, “One Vote Away” and he was asked by Whoopi Goldberg about what has changed since 2016 regarding the urgency now to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat.

Cruz explained that “they’re very different circumstances” in that the Republicans hold both the Presidency and the Senate this time compared to what happened in 2016.

Cruz also said that “The Constitution sets up checks and balances between the President and the Senate and the American people. The two parties have a very different view on what kind of Justice should be appointed.”

Cruz added that his new book explains “all about the kinds of Justices should be appointed and why. It really gets into the inside story of the biggest cases of the courts, what’s going on with the Justices.”

“You know before I was in the Senate, I was a Supreme Court litigator, that was my profession, I argued cases in front of the Supreme Court and Donald Trump promised to nominate principled Constitutionalists in the mold of Scalia and Thomas, Hillary Clinton promised to nominate liberal judicial activists,” Cruz pointed out.

At that point, Whoopi interjected to herself “point out” that “one of those people that was liberal was Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” She added that she “just wanted to point that out.”

Cruz also got into a back and forth with Joy Behar in regards to the Coronavirus response in Florida.

From Newsbusters:

She fretted about how Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis had let bars and restaurants open back up and asked him if Texas would do the same. Cruz advocated for opening the economy back up by pointing out how the death rate has been much lower in Florida and Texas than in Democrat-run states like New York and New Jersey. As soon as he brought up Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home scandal, Behar tried to silence him:

TED CRUZ: [N]ew York in particular has led the country in death rate, and I think it had a lot to do with the democratic governor there — Governor Cuomo sending people who had COVID into nursing homes. 

BEHAR: That’s not true. 

CRUZ: Well, the death rate is three times as high as the death rate in Florida and Texas.

BEHAR: I asked you about DeSantis. Answer me about DeSantis, please. 

CRUZ:  I’m sorry? 

BEHAR: I’m talking about — I’m talking about Florida right now, not New York. New York got hit very early, and a lot of people were coming in without any kind of sanctions on it. 

CRUZ: But the governor’s policy made a difference–

BEHAR: Tell me about Florida. Let’s get what you think about DeSantis. 

CRUZ: The policy of the governors of New York and New Jersey of sending people who were covid positive into nursing homes–

BEHAR: Deflection. 

CRUZ: —Was catastrophic, and — 

BEHAR: You are deflecting, sir. 

CRUZ: No. I’m saying — 

BEHAR: You are deflecting the question! 

The frustrated hosts shut down the interview shortly after this, realizing their guest had outsmarted their traps.

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