Teddy Daniels Scores Major Endorsement for U.S. House Run from Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis

Tough guy Teddy Daniels is picking up major steam. We just reported earlier today that he is now on the Democrats’ radar and they are scared.

Daniels is running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 8th CD. He is a Republican, but not just any Republican. He is a Trump Republican, and a real one.

Although Jenna Ellis recently announced she was leaving the GOP, it’s not to join the left. It’s to make a statement that the establishment GOP is failing at representing the people. Daniels is the type of guy to represent the people.

That is why we presume, Ellis is endorsing him for congress.

Ellis tweeted out:

“Teddy Daniels has been fighting for election integrity and an audit of PA since Nov 2020. He is a wounded combat veteran, retired police officer, and advocate for our rights against govt tyranny. He puts America First! I am proud to endorse and stand with @DanielsCongress! #PA8” to which Daniels replied:

“Thank you @JennaEllisEsq. A great endorsement! If it wasn’t for you educating everyone from state to state after November 3rd, we would not have the audits today.”

Earlier we reported on Daniels making waves and getting noticed by his opponent’s supporters in part:

Republican congressional candidate Teddy Daniels is going after his likely Democrat opponent after a hit by CNN tried to paint Daniels as some sort of extreme radical. Daniels still has to win his upcoming primary, but the field seems all but clear, and he will likely be the nominee for his district in Pennsylvania.

The soon-to-be hotly contested district could be any man’s race as CNN portrays, and they seem to want to try to hurt Daniels by painting current Rep. Matt Cartwright in a good light, and Daniels in a bad light.

In the article, CNN links to a tweet showing that Daniels was in D.C. on January 6th. Of course, Daniels wasn’t one of the people who trespassed though, but the left likes to blur the lines on that narrative.

January 6th is one of the things the left has used for many months to try to delegitimize people like Donald Trump and his followers. In the long CNN piece, Daniels was mentioned in part:

Cartwright, however, has been a top target for Republicans for years — the party eager to seize on the rightward lean of the district to gain another seat in House. And the congressman already has a Republican opponent for the midterms: Teddy Daniels, a far-right congressional hopeful who said he was close to the US Capitol during the January 6 insurrection and announced his campaign with a video that puts him fully in line with Trump’s messaging.”I am here,” he wrote in a tweet along with the video from the Capitol on January 6. “God bless our patriots.”

Perhaps Daniels has a Trump endorsement in the future? Only time will tell.