Terrence K Williams: ‘The DNC should be called The Dictator National Committee’ Because of COVID Restrictions

Conservative activist and comedian Terrence K. Williams shared a clip earlier from when he appeared on Real American Voice where he discussed the situation regarding all of the COVID restrictions in states that are run by Democrat governors.

Williams began “We want to be free, this is the land of the free and it breaks my heart because sometimes I don’t feel free anymore.”

“They are stopping us from living life, they are stopping us from working, they are stopping us from going to school, to church, and I’m starting to not feel free anymore because of these dictators running these states,” Williams continued.

Williams pointed out, “It’s not the president, it’s these dictator governors that are ruining everything in this country, it is the Dictator National Committee aka the Democratic Party.”

“They are ruining this country and people are not feeling free anymore and we will resist and we will get our country (back),” Williams concluded.

Williams tweeted out about the clip, “Yes I said The Democratic Party is the Party of Dictators! The DNC should be called The Dictator National Committee RAISE YOUR HAND if you agree.”

Williams then encouraged people to follow Real American Voice and said that he was “glad to be on their team.”