Terrence K Williams Unfazed By Liberals Trying to Cancel His New ‘Cousin T’s Gourmet Pancake Mix’

Trump supporting comedian Terrence K Williams recently unveiled a new product that he is selling, “Cousin T’s Gourmet Pancake Mix.”

On Monday, Williams tweeted out a video and said, “I’m so excited to introduce my new Product!! Cousin T’s Gourmet Pancakes.”

“I started working on this when they took Aunt Jemima’s face off the box! So disappointing! I love Pancakes! They can’t cancel these pancakes!!” Williams explained.

Pastor Darrell Scott tweeted earlier today a video of himself opening up a box of the pancake mix, which Williams retweeted.

“Hey ⁦@w_terrence⁩ Imma have pancakes for breakfast! Dey bet be good!!! #CousinTs,” Scott told Williams.

Williams then tweeted, “I will not let Cancel Culture cancel my Pancake Mix! They are already coming for it! They Got Aunt Jemima & Uncle Ben But Cousin Ts is here to stay!”

“We all loved Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima but their wonderful faces were snatched from the box! It was the most racist thing ever and disgusting! I had to do something about it! I created CousinTs! #CousinTs will not be treated like they were!” Williams insisted.

Not long thereafter, Williams shared screenshots of liberals responding to his tweets advertising the new product with hateful messages.

“It’s disgusting to see all these people attack me for selling flapjacks. If I was a rapper who sold crack they would support me. I’m doing something positive. Cousin Ts Pancakes will not be canceled!!” Williams lamented.

In addition to the pancake mix, Williams also offers a bevy of other products with the logo on them as well as other inspirational messages.

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