Terry McAuliffe Shamelessly Busts a Move At Rally With Barack Obama, Who Doesn’t Join In

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate and ex-governor Terry McAuliffe has been mocked for his dance moves in the past, but that didn’t stop him from busting a move today with former President Barack Obama in town for a rally.

While standing on stage at the podium next to Obama at the end of the rally, held in Richmond, VA, McAuliffe broke it down after music began blaring in the background.

Former Trump campaign strategist Jake Schneider shared a clip of McAuliffe’s shimmy and quipped, “Nobody else is dancing, and certainly nobody asked him to dance, but Terry McAuliffe has no shame.”

Schneider pointed out that the former president didn’t want any part of McAuliffe’s moves and noted, “Obama’s like, ‘Nah. Get me outta here.'”

In June, McAuliffe danced on stage alongside Virginia State Sens. Louise Lucas and Lionell Spruill during a rally in Norfolk, VA.

During the rally, Obama pushed fear in order to try to get more Virginians out to vote for McAuliffe.

“You can’t run ads telling me you’re a regular old hoops playing dish washing fleece wearing guy but quietly cultivate support from those who seek to tear down our democracy,” Obama claimed, talking about McAuliffe’s opponent, Republican Glenn Youngkin and his supporters.

In a tweet following the rally, Obama said, “Virginians delivered for me twice, and now I’m asking them to do it again by electing @TerryMcAuliffe as their next governor.”

“Every bit of progress in Virginia is at stake in this election—and there’s no time to waste,” Obama claimed.

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