The ADL is Furious Over Trump’s Remarks on Ari Hoffman Show: ‘Israel Used to Own Congress, Now AOC and Ilhan Omar Do’

Recently former President Donald Trump went on the Ari Hoffman show. He began by talking about the 2020 riots, Seattle, the autonomous zone, and what a disaster that was. He put a lot of blame on Washington Governor Jay Inslee for CHAZ/CHOP, and how long that lasted, and how Inslee didn’t want Trump’s help at the time.

“We wanted to go in immediately but she just wouldn’t do that” Trump said in reference to Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. At one point the topic of the Middle East came up. Trump highlighted how, when he was in the White House, he was tough on terror and mostly successful in his operations in the region compared to the disaster we are seeing under the so-called leadership of Joe Biden.

The topic of Israel eventually came up, and Trump mentioned that Israel, in his words, used to have a lot of influence with Congress in the United States. He said that now, U.S. House Reps AOC and Ilhan Omar have more control than Israel in Congress.

Hoffman was actually complimenting Trump on his pro-Israel policy and in our view, Trump was saying these things in such a way as to say that he doesn’t think it’s a good thing that AOC and Ilhan Omar now (in his view) have more influence than Israel.

Some on the right may disagree with that as well, but that’s not the point of this story here either. The ADL took the quote without much context and put it in a much shorter clip with the caption:

“Israel does not control Congress. U.S. support for Israel remains strong and bipartisan. As ADL has long said, these types of remarks play into tropes about “Jewish control” of government and are unacceptable.”

You can watch the full video below, where Trump said “I would have thought that I would have done better with the Jewish vote”.

Towards the end, Hoffman tried to prod Trump on a potential run for president in 2024. Trump said “I think you’re going to be happy” but didn’t answer completely.

It seems to us that no matter where you stand on Israel, even when Trump thinks he’s being pro-Israel, he can’t win with the ADL and other far-left groups, so is there even any reason to try?

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