The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah Acknowledges That Trump is Better at Dealing With Hostile Countries Than Biden

In a shocking clip, the left-wing comedian and host of the Daily Show, Trevor Noah, acknowledged that the 45th President Donal Trump is better at dealing with hostile countries than Joe Biden.

Twitter user “Thor the Deplorable” shared the clip from Noah’s recent show and asked, “What the hell is happening?”

In the clip, Noah began by lamenting that, “Saudi Arabia isn’t playing ball with Joe Biden.” In the full video, he also mentioned that the United Arab Emirates was not taking his calls

“And you know what, you can say what you want, but this would have never happened to Donald Trump, never,” Noah insisted.

Noah then explained, “No one was ever ignoring Donald Trump’s calls, yeah, because if you ignore Donald Trump’s calls you didn’t know how he would respond.”

“Maybe he’d send an angry tweet, maybe he’d just like ban your country from everything. You don’t know,” Noah continued, although it could be argued that the left are the ones who are using the banning tactics right now with Russia, which isn’t working.

In a moment of apparent clarity, Noah then suggested, “That’s why I bet in these situations, Biden actually wishes that he could hire Trump to step in as president wild card.”

“You know, just keep everyone on their toes, because if Trump was calling, you best believe the UAE, they’d be racing to pick up the phone,” Noah claimed.

Noah then did an impression of a hypothetical call between Trump and the UAE:

UAE: “Mr. Trump, we’re here.”

Trump: “Too late Ahmed, you made me wait two rings, we’re bombing the UAE and the UFC just in case.”