The Lincoln Project Calls For Biden Campaign to Reinstate ‘Negative Ads’ as Reports Come in That They Are Still Running

It was reported yesterday that the Biden campaign was pulling “negative ads” from the airwaves and social media following President Trump being diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

The Anti-Trump PAC The Lincoln Project tweeted out earlier today however, that “Biden should put his negative ads back up. This is outrageous. He [Trump] deserves no courtesy.”

They followed that up by claiming that “There is no such thing as an attack ad. There are ads that tell the truth, there are ads that tell lies. Trump’s ads tell lies. Joe Biden owes it to the American people to keep telling the truth. Fight on. Put the ads on the air.”

Reports have surfaced that negative ads are still running anyway, so the announcement that they were taken down appears to have just been a political play.

As Breitbart reported, “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will restore our nation’s sanity, humanity, and global leadership,” a Biden supporter says in a Facebook video. “America will really be great again when Trump is purged from our lives.”

Director of Trump’s Press communications Erin Perrine tweeted out “Hey guys — stop saying Biden pulled down negative ads. He didn’t. He hasn’t. Not online and not on TV. He had negative TV ads running TODAY in FL, NH, NV, and NC.”

Even a Biden supporter reported that they witnessed a negative ad running in Virginia. “I’m in Virginia & just saw a negative Biden ad on ACCN (sports channel),” said Twitter user MaryBethCollins.