Tragedy: Fort Worth Woman Shot by Police Reportedly Had Gun Pointed at Window

New information in the shooting of Fort Worth, Texas Woman Atatiana Jefferson has been made public.

Ms. Jefferson was shot in her home by Fort Worth Police officer Aaron Dean on Saturday, October 12th around 2 a.m. A Neighbor had called the non-emergency line about the front door being left, open. When police officers responded, the police officer saw someone near a window and fired after perceiving a threat.

This was covered in a news report that aired last night by CBS DFW. The news report covers the Fort Worth City Council Meeting where comments from the public were heard about the shooting. After comments they updated folks on Officer Dean, who was booked on a murder charge Monday around 6 p.m. Shortly after he posted the $200,000 bond and was released. Mr. Dean had also resigned from the Department after the shooting on Saturday.


A quote from Ms. Jefferson’s nephew was obtained from the​ Arrest Warrant​ stating his aunt, Atatiana Jefferson ​”heard noises coming from outside, and she took her handgun from her purse.” The boy said his aunt “raised her handgun, pointed it toward the window” and “was shot and fell to the ground.”

Julián Castro touched on the topic at last night’s latest Democrat presidential primary debate, pushing back on police gun confiscation saying “police violence is also gun violence” shocking many.


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