Trump Delegate Slams Leftist City Councilwoman for Browbeating Virginia Mayor into Apology over ‘Aunt Jemima’ Joke on Facebook

The mayor of the small town named Luray, Virginia, made a joke about Joe Biden possibly picking Aunt Jemima as his running mate, in what appears to have been a lighthearted attempt to delegitimize the wave of political correctness that has taken our nation by storm.

But that wasn’t ok for the social justice warriors in his town, who are instead taking advantage of said wave for their own likely political gain. One town council-member named Leah Pence has been hitting him over and over for his comments, as she runs for her own re-election.

The local leftists have brow-beaten the elderly mayor into submission, forcing an apology after he deleted his Facebook post, and now they want a resignation.

A Trump delegate who was unable to make the RNC Convention after it was canceled due to Covid-19 concerns gave us a statement on the issue and has taken the local news channels by storm with a video clip of himself slamming the leftists for pushing the false racial narrative to try and unseat Mayor Barry Presgraves. He wrote:

“My name is Damn Dean

In the last two years, I’ve exposed and helped drain the swamp in the Sixth Congressional District of Virginia. I’ve been blessed and fortunate to have been elected National Delegate to Nominate President Trump to a Second Term in Office.

Now a self-avowed socialist comes to Page County gets elected to LURAY Town Council in contrast of who she campaigned herself to be. Decides that pancake syrup is racist. That the mayor should step down and resign over his comment.

Which I still say it isn’t racist, and his post doesn’t warrant this type of reaction. This was done so a socialist can speak about the evils of racism while painting the whole community as racist to justify her existence as a member of the Town Council.

She stoked the flames of racial hatred, she brought in people who live out of state. Leah Pence has also admitted on social media having “racist tendencies”, yet still feels morally righteous enough to call pancake syrup racist. As for what Mayor Barry Presgraves said,… it was never racist.”

Watch Dean’s video below:

Here is one of Leah Pence’s posts capitalizing on the issue of race and a video of her speaking below it:

Peterson pointed out to us in an interview that Pence has spoken for herself and others saying basically that everyone is racist, which I think many American’s would not agree with. She posted in part which is also above as long as the posts stay public:

As white folks, we need to work towards/on dismantling the white supremacist system we benefit from every single day. It is important that we listen and work in solidarity with the black community in Luray to fight for racial justice. We must be more than allies, we must be heart to heart with them.

Lastly, racism does not make you a bad person. We all, myself included, have racist tendencies. We must be willing to admit this and address this. If we can’t admit it, own it and call it out when we see it we can not begin to do the work. #oneluray

Here is the Mayor’s apology:

WHSV reported on the story:

Luray, Va. (WHSV) – Dozens of residents packed Luray Town Council Chambers Monday night, as Mayor Barry Presgraves apologized after making a racially insensitive Facebook post last week.

Monday’s town council meeting started with an apology by the mayor who said in part:

“I’m making a deep apology to all people of color and women for passing off deep meaning and warn out racial stereotypes as humor that isn’t funny. I know fully understand how hard and hurtful it is and I can and will do better and we can all do better. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry and humbly ask for your forgiveness and your grace,” Presgraves said.

Close to 50 people waited outside the town hall for most of the evening to tell the mayor how they felt after he made the post that some say, left a scar on the community.

Due to social distancing guidelines, only 23 people were allowed into the council chambers at a time. Those waiting outside were allowed to come in during the public commenting period to express themselves.

Barbara Veney, a Luray resident, stood at the podium in front of the town council said in order for the community to heal Presgraves needs to resign.

“In order for us to move on look around the room right now and it’s because of their race I’m asking you today, Mr. Mayor that you step down in love because I love you and do the right thing,” Veney said.

Others said they did not believe what the mayor had posted was racist, and the conflict over the past week was nothing but a political battle.

“We need to move forward, I do not believe what Mr. Presgraves said was racist at all,” Dean Peterson, a Page County resident, said, “There is nothing in his background that should suggest that to me, this is nothing but manufactured outrage by councilwomen Leah Pence to get a political advantage.”

Audre King, a community leader in Luray, spoke with Presgraves about his actions last week and said he knows what Presgraves posted was racist but that the town needs to look at who they elect to represent the people.

“Knowing the relationship I have with him, this is not a racist man, nor does he have a racist heart, nor did he intend for his comment to be racist,” King said. “Although given the context they very much were.”

The town council later went into closed session to discuss a statement going forward regarding social media and how the town can heal.

Presgraves has said in the past that he will not resign and will finish his last three months of his term.

In order for Presgraves to be removed from office, he must resign or a petition to remove him must be created by citizens of the town. The town council has no power in removing elected officials.

It’s up to you the reader to decide in the end if you think the Facebook post by the Mayor is worthy of him being capitalized on and used as a political football, or if you think it was just a lighthearted poke at Joe Biden and political correctness.

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