Trump Supporter Tackled by Sanders Security Guard Hires Gun Rights Activist Attorney, Considers Charges, Lawsuit against University

In a previous op-ed from Media Right News, we reported on a story of a reportedly peaceful Trump supporter who attended a Virginia Bernie Sanders rally at Virginia Wesleyan College on February 29th, 2020 to show his support for President Donald Trump. He did so by simply existing and holding up a blue Trump flag.

Various video clips appear to support his claim that he was peaceful. When asked to leave by security he eventually agreed, but upon his exit, he ended up getting his Trump flag smacked out of his hand and tackled by security for no apparent reason. You can see what happened in the video below.

Well, we have an update to report to you today. Virginia Beach Attorney Tim Anderson, famous for his multitude of Facebook videos (and activism) keeping Virginia residents and gun owners informed of upcoming Democrat proposed gun control laws and how it will affect them, has taken up the case.

Markus Gohring is the Trump supporter who was tackled by security. Gohring and Anderson claim in a video that cannot be embedded but can be watched by clicking here, that they are considering possible charges against the security guard, as soon as they can find out his name.

The school is apparently not cooperating with Attorney Anderson in giving that information out, but he believes he has a good idea of who it is anyway. They are also considering a lawsuit against the school, who, according to Anderson, claims that Gohring, not the security guard, was the violent one. You can watch the videos and come to your own conclusion on that but it doesn’t appear to be the case that Gohring did anything violent at all.

In the video, the Attorney accuses Bernie Sander’s security guard of violated Gohring’s first amendment. He also points out that the guard has to call campus police if he wants to arrest anyone, much less tackle Gohring to the ground for no good reason.

This is a developing story and you can visit the Attorney’s Facebook page, Anderson & Associates PC, for more videos and updates regarding this ongoing situation. you can also click the link in the first paragraph of this story to see our original story which has two other videos inside that article that are embedded and can be watched.

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