Trump to Larry King in 2005 Interview: ‘I Love Helping People, There’s Nothing Better’

The Trump campaign has unearthed a clip from a 2005 interview of President Trump and Melania Trump, after they had just been married, doing an interview with Larry King on CNN.

Larry King tells him that he was recently told by a friend that if “he had a problem,” he would call Trump. Trump responds by saying that isn’t the image the press has for him, but “I love helping people, there’s nothing better.”

King: I had a friend tell me that if he had a problem, he would call you. Why don’t you let that out more?

Trump: Well, I think the press doesn’t really like hearing that, to be honest with you. I mean I do a lot of things and I don’t like to talk about them. They’d much rather see me beating someone up than being nice to somebody. You know it fits the image better for them. And I think that’s fine, it doesn’t matter.

But I love to help people, I do, I love helping people. There’s nothing better, there’s nothing that makes me feel better. But I don’t think that’s the image that the press really wants me. You know they develop an image of somebody and that’s what they go with.

Earlier, Trump tweeted out that “The Democrats have stated strongly that they won’t approve a Payroll Tax Cut (too bad!). It would be great for workers. The Republicans, therefore, didn’t want to ask for it. Dems, as usual, are hurting the working men and women of our Country!”

The Trump campaign responded to that tweet with the video clip in an effort to show that he wants to help the American workers.

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